10. Captain Cold

Captain Cold versus The Flash from The Flash #6

In DC’s Prime Earth universe Leonard Snart becomes frustrated and falls into despair after continuously being thwarted by the Flash. Dr. Darwin Elias promises to solve Snart’s problem and fuses his DNA with his cold gun. This grants Snart cryokinesis. However, if he is wet he is prone to freezing himself. Snart’s enhanced DNA is later removed by Deathstorm, but the cold from his gun is fused with his DNA for a short time and that’s why Captain Cold starts off our list at Number 10.

9. Gregor Shapanka (Jack Frost/Blizzard)

Gregor Shapanka as Jack Frost in his remote ice palace.

After being fired by Stark Industries for stealing a microtransistor design, Gregor Shapanka built a high tech suit that allowed him to project intense cold. The suit was able to protect him from his own effects. However, the reason he makes our list is much like Captain Cold. He gains the ability to generate cold from his own body without the suit while under the guise of Jack Frost. He even builds his own ice palace which he secludes in the mountains. Unfortunately, this doesn’t last very long and he once again has to rely on his suit for his cold powers.

8. Iceberg

Iceberg_01 CharlesMurray

Charles Murray is a former professor who teamed up with the Suicide Squad to lessen his sentence. He makes our list after an encounter with Deadshot his right hand was cut off. The cut triggered a change that allowed Murray’s body to repair the damage with a new hand made of ice. His entire body maybe not made of ice, but his hand and its lasting nature solidify him a spot in our top 10. Murray also has cryokinesis and was able to freeze an enemy soldier in less than a second.

7. Bitter Frost

Bitter Frost

After being exposed to cryo-freeze chemicals that create another one of our villains further along on the list, Betty Forest is transformed into Bitter Frost. Bitter Frost is able to manipulate cold from her body temperature to wind. After her transformation Bitter Frost went on the warpath getting revenge on all of those who once harmed her including her own father.

6. Icicle Jr.

Icicle Jr. Cameron Mahkent

Hanging around his father Joar Mehkent’s cold gun negatively affected Cameron’s genes mutating them to reflect the powers of the gun. This gave his skin a unique albino pigment, but also gave him a number of abilities from being able to lower the temperature to several hundred degrees below zero to firing streams of ice from his hands freezing his targets.