The Marvel Cinematic Universe has graced us with a number of films and is expected to continue to do so. Many of the films have been exceptionally awesome, while others have left room for improvement. Nevertheless most of the films are very enjoyable and entertaining. However, these films also have a number of absolutely ridiculous scenes in them and we are going to count down the top five most ridiculous Marvel Cinematic Universe Scenes. Here we go.

5. Hulk Smashes Loki

In this scene, Loki casually catches Hawkeye’s arrow only to have it explode in his smirking face. After somewhat recovering from the explosion, he is greeted by the Hulk. Loki starts to go off on a monologue stating how great he is and he will not be beaten by lesser beings. He is a god! The Hulk isn’t having any of this and decides to beat Loki into a pulp, smashing him back and forth. It is a really funny scene, but it’s just hard to believe Loki would just sit there and take the utter ridiculous beating The Hulk gives him. The dude is a frost giant with magical powers for crying out loud!

4. The Mandarin is Revealed as a Patsy

The evil terrorist who has been blowing up buildings with failed extremis patients is really revealed to be a patsy for Aldrich Killian. Ben Kingsley does a superb job of portraying Trevor Slattery, a drug addicted actor, but it is just a completely ridiculous scene as the man who is appearing on television isn’t a terrorist at all, but a no-good actor who cares more about his drugs, alcohol, and women than anything else.

3. Captain America Sells War Bonds

Who would have imagined one of Marvel’s superheroes relegated to the sidelines and forced to hawk war bonds? After Captain America single-handedly runs down a Nazi assassin on foot, he is told the Army has no need of him. Luckily, a politically astute Senator sees the potential to milk Cap for war bonds and sets him up with a bunch of show girls to perform a stage act. If he can’t be on the front lines at least he gets to knock out Hitler at the end of each show!

2. The Avengers Eat Shawarma

This was an after-credits scene from The Avengers. The team after saving New York City decides to reward themselves with a hearty meal of Shawarma. There is absolutely no dialogue in this scene just The Avengers chowing down on some tasty food. Thor is taking huge bites while Cap is so overcome with the amount of food he has eaten he has his head in his hands. It’s so ridiculous because they are just eating food after a hard day’s works.

1. Starlord Dances to Distract Ronan

This is the number one most ridiculous moment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Was anyone not surprised when Starlord starts dancing in order to distract Ronan? It is absolutely absurd. Ronan is about to destroy an entire planet and the only way to delay him is through dancing? I don’t think so, Ronan smashes his hammer down and says buh buh Nova!

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  • 5. Loki is more magic than strength so yes Hulk can and has smashed him. It’s actually comic canon, usually Loki uses magic and mind control not muscles.

    4. Yeah I’ll give you this

    3. Also comic canon. Cap DID sell war bonds, because as the only successful version of the good doctors experiment yup they didn’t want go lose him.

    2. Swarma was just fan service

    1. Absurdity has always been starlord’s secret weapon. He’d be incredulous “I’m about to destroy a world and you are gyrating your pelvis at me?” Also furious and distracted, it’s similar to Bruce Banner saying “you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry” you look, you laugh, and then catch a gamma powered bear down.

    This is Marvel not DC, DC was the infallible paragons. Marvel is about all aspects of the character, remember their most famous character is a self loathing book nerd who verbally accosts his villains (Spider-Man)

  • Hey! Thanks for reading.

    5. I definitely agree with on all your points. The scene is just so absurd from getting the arrow in the face to the half monologue to getting beat to a pulp all in less than a minute!

    3. I also think it’s just absurd/silly that he is up there prancing around. He definitely looks like a fish out of water. Don’t get me wrong I thoroughly enjoyed the scene especially with the kids reading the comics.

    2. It’s great fan service. Doesn’t take away the fact that they just sit there chowing down for over 30 seconds without saying anything!

    1. Definitely agree that’s why its the #1 Most Ridiculous scene, not to mention it might be the funniest as well. That or Hulk punching in Thor in Avengers.

  • the best thing about number 1, is that in Marvels latest Avengers cartoon they did a shot out to it. Hulk goes to punch Thor again, only for Thor to give him a wry smile after blocking it with Mjolnir. It’s one of the reasons I fell in love with Marvel, they created an interconnected and aren’t afraid to use it.

    And no problem, I enjoy talking with fellow comic and comic movie fans