Want to live in the days of the gladiator? Are you looking to raise your sword? Well the unique gladiator simulator Elysium: Blood Games launched on Steam from SimProse Studios earlier this month.

Elysium puts you in the shoes of a medieval Ludus manager, guiding a group of gladiators as they grow in strength and power. You can deal in dark secrets, gamble on the outcome of matches, bribe opponents, and drink magical brews to enhance your warrior’s abilities (with a small risk of course). A high-res interface, music and an easy-to-use help system make it easy to get started.

Elysium: Blood Games

Features that you can find in Elysium:
– Full career functionality with hidden Potential ratings, aging, fatigue and injuries all playing a role in their development.
– World is randomly generated every game, for maximum replayability.
– Upgrade to bigger arenas as you win matches.

Elysium: Blood Games will run you just $4.99.

SimProse Studios was founded in 2014, the studio specializes in simple engaging and unique strategy and simulation games for the PC.

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