Steve Rogers has returned, and with it calls for him to take back the shield. Now Sam Wilson is left with some hard choices, but what will he choose and why?

Marvel gives us our first look inside CAPTAIN AMERICA: SAM WILSON #14, the first chapter in the new story arc “Take Back the Shield”!

Sam Wilson stands at the crossroads of a divided nation. When the terrorist organization Ultimatum and their leader the Flag-Smasher begin to wreak havoc, Sam Wilson is the first to dive headlong into the fray. Yet as cries of #TakeBacktheShield trend worldwide, can Sam continue to uphold the ideals of Captain America? As he teams with Steve Rogers to take down Ultimatum, is there room in the Marvel Universe for two Captain Americas? Only…Steve has a secret.

Be there when “Take Back the Shield” begins in CAPTAIN AMERICA: SAM WILSON #14

Captain America: Sam Wilson #14 will feature covers fromMarcos Martin, Mike Deodato, Pat Broderick, and Paul Renaud.

Take a look:

Captain America: Sam Wilson #14

Cover by Marcos Martin

Captain America: Sam Wilson #14

Champions Variant by Mike Deodato

Captain America: Sam Wilson #14

Story Thus Far Variant by Paul Renaud

Captain America: Sam Wilson #14

Captain America: Sam Wilson #14

Captain America: Sam Wilson #14

Captain America: Sam Wilson #14 hits comic book shelves everywhere on October 19th.

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