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Frank Cho and Milo Manara have been trolling SJWs for a couple of years now. It all started when Manara was commissioned for a Spider-Woman variant cover that depicted Jessica Drew in a very natural spider pose. However, Social Justice Warriors were not happy about it. They stormed and feuded until Marvel canceled the cover.

That’s when Frank Cho stepped in and became the ire of Social Justice Warriors everywhere. Cho began putting multiple characters in Manara’s Spider-Woman pose including Harley Quinn, Spider Gwen, and Wonder Woman. He also mocked activist authors who whine and complain about the variant covers with some dialogue zingers. Cho even did his own renditions of Black Cat, Princess Leia, She-Hulk, and Wonder Woman showing off all of their assets.

The two united their powers in Italy over the weekend when Milo Manara crashed Cho’s Art and Women panel and handed him a brand new original watercolor painting of Spider-Woman.

Spider-Woman Manara Variant

Needless to say the Social Justice Warrior crowd was not happy about it.

Teresa Jusino over at The Mary Sue decided to not only attack Cho and Manara but the entire comics industry, “You know what’s tantamount to oppression? An entire industry designed to treat and portray you like a second-class citizen. That’s oppression.”

I don’t even know where to start here. Did she somehow confuse the comic book industry with the illegal sex slave industry? I mean to cry oppression because someone drew a piece of art you don’t like; it’s laughable. I wonder if she thinks Michelangelo’s statue of David is oppressive or how about Diego Velázquez’s “Rokeby Venus,” or Katsushikia Hokusai’s “Tako to Ama.”

Rokeby Venus

Rokeby Venus

But Teresa Jusino wasn’t done with crying about how oppressed she is by a piece of artwork. She wanted to make it clear it wasn’t about the art. “I actually enjoy erotica, and while I don’t think Manara’s art is particularly my taste generally, I fully respect the right of any artist to draw sex pin-ups.”

So she is crying that she is oppressed by the art but she actually enjoys erotica. Let’s dig deeper here.

It’s not about the art at all for Jusino, “it’s less about the individual artist, and more about the company that lets certain sexist covers get through editorial for public consumption.” So she’s writing about how this original piece of art oppresses her, but she likes erotica, and it’s not about the art at all, but about the publishers who have absolutely nothing to do with this specific piece of art. Albeit there might be a possible licensing issue.

But Jusino wasn’t done with her incoherent and completely ludicrous rant. “And let’s be clear, when you’re only drawing female characters in sexual ways, that’s inherently sexist.”

WHAT?!? Apparently Ms. Jusino hasn’t been reading Skybourne, or maybe she forgot about the Wonder Woman variant covers Frank Cho did.

Tako to ama

Tako to ama

If you thought Jusino’s argument, if you can even call it that, was terrible the comments are even worse. Here are just a few of the most idiotic.






These people are completely loony and out of touch with history, art, and sanity.

  • Wolfe

    Kudos to both of them. To hell with SJWs and their neo-puritanical hate rhetoric.