The trailer for the fifth installment of the Transformers franchise is finally here!

Michael Bay continues to helm the series as director in this latest installment. Transformers The Last Knight also sees the return of Mark Wahlberg.

In the last movie, we saw Optimus Prime leave Earth, but in his return, something has changed.

The trailer gets a slick voice over from Anthony Hopkins and shows us an almost dystopian world where hope seems to have been lost.

There are definitely some shocking parts to the trailer. Probably, the biggest one is a clash between Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. We also get our first look at what looks to be Unicron, the Lord of Chaos or the Chaos Bringer. It’s quite possible that Optimus Prime has been corrupted by Unicron and not in control of himself.

Check it out:

Transformers: The Last Knight is slated to hit theaters June 23rd 2017.

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