Finally, some good news for fans of the Star Trek franchise. Months after the first set of casting announcements and two delays on production, Star Trek: Discovery has finally found it’s Captain. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jason Isaacs has joined the cast of the CBS sci-fi drama and will be leading the crew of the USS Discovery.

Isaacs will take the lead as Captian Lorca, captain of the Starship Discovery. He and his crew go out to an untamed galaxy seeking out new life and civilizations. All the while in true Star Trek style, exploring contemporary themes and issues of our day. Jason Issacs will join an almost full cast of veteran actors such as Dong Jones, Anthony Rapp, Terry Serpiro, Sonequa Martin-Green, and Michelle Yeoh among others.

Isaacs starred in Netflix’s The OA, the Harry Potter franchise, as well as Hotel Mumbai and Death of a Stain.

This new announcement comes after the original series was expected to debut in January. It was originally pushed back until May, and then pushed back a second time. The series is expected to debut sometime in the later summer or fall now.

And if the delays weren’t the worst part. The original showrunner, Bryan Fuller, left the series. However, his longtime collaborators Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts took over.

Star Trek: Discovery will be a 13-episode season which will stream exclusively on CBS’s streaming service. This already has fans on edge since Discovery will be available on Netflix outside the United States. The question now is, will this show be enough to warrant people to pay for another streaming service? We’ll find out soon enough, what are your thoughts? Are you happy with the latest Star Trek Captain?

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  • TJ Cooper

    I fear it will be a serial drama with little science and no rational motivation for behavior. It will undoubtedly “tackle current issues”, which translates to be very PC and preachy. One can argue Star Trek always commented social issues, however what are those issues today? I would argue it is NOT the typical SJW issues of the left, I would argue they ARE the problem. Distorted views of reality, dogmatic belief, soft racism, and a crippling victimization ideology.

    Do you think Hollywood will address any of that? NOPE. It will be the typical PC crap. Anti:

    1. White
    2. Male
    3. Christian
    4. Conservative
    5. Corporation
    6. America
    7. Western Culture