DC Comics artist Ethan Van Sciver reports he received a number of violent threats when he was asked to attend a signing at Gotham City Pizza in Orlando, Florida. And then after attending, the store was attacked!

Most of the threats appear to be through Twitter.

One user @pesterheresy told Ethan Van Sciver, Hope you and your c*** wife have an accident at the shooting range you Nazi prick. Blow your f****** hands off and quit making s*** art.”

Another messaged him on what appears to be Facebook saying, “Nazi piece of s***. Be seeing you at Gotham Pizza motherf*****.”

Ethan notes he was “a little worried…and [he’d] never been in a situation like this before. But now [he’s] receiving specific threats of violence and often.” He even says he hesitated to go, but decided he “better go to make a showing for his fans.”

Van Sciver has become a polarizing figure in the comic book world, where many claim he is a Nazi and a homophobe.

He unabashedly denounced these claims and called them “evil.”

Van Sciver documented his signing appearance at Gotham City Pizza where he drew Batman to decorate the wall!

After his appearance at Gotham City Pizza, the pizza shop was vandalized. It’s door was smashed in.

He explains the timeline leading up to the door getting smashed:

While the door was smashed in, it’s unclear who actually committed the act of vandalism following his signing.

However, the fact that Ethan received these threats, performed the signing, and then the Gotham City Pizza shop was attacked seems to be more than just mere coincidence to me.

In order to help Gotham City Pizza repair their door, Ethan started a Go Fund Me for Gotham City Pizza.

The Go Fund Me for Gotham City Pizza lends one to believe that Ethan’s appearance motivated the vandalism. “Unfortunately, following an event featuring DC Comics artist Ethan Van Sciver, someone felt it necessary to shatter the front door of this fine establishment, potentially because of Ethan Van Sciver’s appearance specifically.”

The Go Fund Me continues, “Ethan Van Sciver is a wonderful person who has done nothing wrong, but some comic fans have taken offense to comments that Van Sciver has made about the comic book industry and its critics and felt the need to drag the difference of opinions out into the real world and translate it into vandalism.”

Along with the footage from Gotham City Pizza, Ethan was extremely vocal on Twitter about his appearance.

Ethan was insistent he doesn’t discuss politics anymore due to the violence he has been threatened with:

Gotham City Pizza and Marco, the shop owner was extremely grateful for Ethan’s support with the Go Fund Me.

The Go Fund Me easily surpassed it’s goal of $700. As of this writing, it currently stands at $1,025.

Unacceptable Behavior

While it’s still unclear who committed the crime, this type of behavior is absolutely unacceptable. Just because you disagree with someone’s political beliefs or their ideas on how the comic book industry should be run, does not give you the right to violently threaten an individual let alone commit acts of vandalism.

Unfortunately, this type of behavior seems to be common practice among those on the radical left, specifically people calling themselves Antifa. There have been a number of instances where these individuals violently attacked people who opposed them politically or just happened to be in their path. We saw them vandalize a Starbucks and a McDonald’s in Washington, DC on Inauguration Day.

Enough is enough.

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  • NeoTechni

    Mob, I mean social justice at work

  • Raiden

    Regardless of your political opinions. If you don’t find this disgusting you need to have a looooooong hard look at yourself.

  • Swing Left

    So this guy pushes and mocks people for years and now cries SJW every time someone pushes back, what a whiner.

  • Rass

    We reap what we sow. This guys spends so much time bullying and insulting people, and he whines like a baby when someone grows tired of his Nazi bullshit. What happened was wrong–but it was probably inevitable. He brought it entirely on himself.

  • Rass

    Any death threats are disgusting. No one is saying otherwise, and you’re (purposely) missing the point, which is this: he invited it on himself. Yes, those threatening violence are absolutely in the wrong. But he also has some responsibility here, as he bullied people and acted like a homophpbic Nazi prick for years. It was bound to happen.

  • Rass

    If you’re referring to how Van Sciver and his minions have bullied people for years, then yes, I’d agree.

  • popehentai

    Seriously. look at what he was wearing, right?

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