G.I. JOE writer Aubrey Sitterson is now crying wolf after IDW canceled his upcoming Scarlett’s Strike Force series due to low sales.

Sitterson whined on Twitter, “Alt-right extremists didn’t want a leftist writing G.I. JOE, so they demanded I be removed. IDW then canceled the book.” He then tried to get other comic book creators to rally to his side, “Creator: if you think I’ll be the last person this happens to, you will be sadly mistaken.”

Sitterson then links to a CBR article with an extremely slanted view that completely discounts the fact that IDW stated they canceled the book because of poor sales.

And there is a reason for those poor sales. Sitterson recklessly decided to attack people who remembered the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attack.

Needless to say G.I. JOE fans were not happy about it and declared they would no longer purchase G.I. JOE books.

In fact popular G.I. JOE fan site YoJoe declared they would no longer promote anything from IDW Publishing if Sitterson was still involved with them.

Eventually IDW released a statement declaring the upcoming Scarlett’s Strike Force series was canceled due to poor sales.

Our cancellation of the series is related solely to the book’s sales not being at a level we needed for it to continue and nothing else.

IDW would then go on to pretty much destroy Aubrey’s claim of being a victim due to his ideological leaning.

You choosing to disbelieve us does not change the facts of the sales not allowing this series to continue. Books that lose money from the first issue are not viable, especially when we would also owe licensing money to Hasbro for those losing issues. We haven’t printed the series but we do have orders for it, we know how much money each issue will lose. Everyone who did anything for any issues we will publish and any we won’t publish will be fully paid.

We kept Aubrey on the previous series and awarded him with a new series, too. Those facts run counter to the false narrative that we bowed to any pressure. We wish it had worked out. We wish enough fans who wanted the book had pre-ordered it so retailers would order it higher. And despite what anyone tries to say, we promoted the comic as we do any other. Do not let loud voices saying false things online convince you otherwise.

Aubrey Sitterson is a sad, sad individual who obviously cannot deal with the fact that he made a mistake. He lacks the moral fiber or courage to admit his 9/11 statement was tactless and disgusting. He refused to apologize to the fans who would have bought his book. He paid the price.

Aubrey Sitterson’s latest Tweet proves he will not take responsibility for his actions. Instead, he will try to deflect and blame others for his own actions. He cannot come to the fact that he was indeed wrong so instead of accepting responsibility and blaming himself he needs to lash out and blame others for his failures. I would not want to associate with anyone who acts like such a child.

IDW made the right move to distance themselves from him. If other comic publishers are seeing his behavior, I’d bet they wouldn’t want to associate with him either.

First, he disrespected his readers and now he’s actively attacking the company that give him the opportunity to write comics. That’s not someone I would want near any kind of business I was doing. Aubrey Sitterson is bad news.

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  • Shogun1x

    What a lowlife. If the alt-right had that kind of pull in the comics industry, pretty much everyone would be fired because it’s mostly leftists. Just using a boogeyman to mask his own failure.

  • Matthew

    “Alt-right extremists didn’t want a leftist writing G.I. Joe, so they demanded I be removed. IDW then canceled the book. Creators: If you think I’ll be the last person this happens to, you will be sadly mistaken.”

    Crazy conspiracy theorist to English translation: “It’s the illuminati, they are out to get me. I ran around telling everyone about the Illuminati at work & then I got fired, clearly the Illuminati thought I was getting to close, if you get to close they’ll come for you too & if you disagrees it’s because you are one of them..”

  • popehentai

    Funny how “if you dont like, it dont read it” becomes a conspiracy when nobody wants to read it. Its friggin “G.I. Joe” fer crissake….. who did you THINK was reading it?

  • Blightness

    Good riddance.

  • Ryan Smith

    I wonder if he asked himself how thousands of complete strangers that just want to read comics found out he was a leftist in the first place. Could it be because he worked his ideology into every page of his work? You don’t get to turn somebody else’s IP into a propaganda mill for your pet ideology then whine because people the fans rejected it.

  • Ryan Smith

    Just another example of a lefty dunderhead using “Far alt-right extremist” to mean “Anybody who rolls their eyes at my antics”.

  • I mean, throw aside “alt-right” and “extremist” – I don’t think even average, non-political people have any burning desire for an avowed leftist to write GI Joe.

  • ender098

    You can’t go around being a jerk and then telling everyone who points it out that they are just doing it because they are all Alt-right Nazi’s and expect people to buy your product. Aubrey, grow up and admit, it’s NOT thousands of fans involved in a right wing conspiracy, it’s you being a jerk and not listening to fans. If it IS a right wing conspiracy, just call all your left wing socialist friends to buy out your comic….or don’t they buy comics? Do they believe the government should give it to them for free…?

  • You’ve gained a follower, great article….shitterson is still pissing and moaning about other people getting him fired, he is now decrying comicsgate for doing it