20 Actors Who Could Be The Next Wolverine!

The Next Wolverine for the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

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1 2 3 23

Over the course of these many months, a number of websites have been compiling lists about who could take on the mantle of Logan for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the recent acquisition of Fox properties by Disney, the role could be filled by a number of talented individuals looking to get some of that Mickey Mouse money. After looking at some of the lists on these websites, we’ve put out our own list of potential actors together. Agree with our list? Or do you think we left someone out? Sound off in the comments and let your voice be heard as well!

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  • Danny Souto

    Efron as Wolverine? lol…

  • Imre Varga

    Who the fuck made this list!!! ????

  • Pablo Calderoni

    Don’t know but… it HAS to be short !!!!!

  • Jorge Martín Hernández

    I know that Hugh Jackman was is very tall and he was a great Wolverine, but this time I think they should choose a short guy

  • Henrique Brum

    Frank Grillo…Luke Evans…Ray Stevenson…Jason Statham…Gerard Butler…

  • Mauro Gimenez (Sotanos del cie

    El próximo tiene que ser un clon de Hugh Jackman …!!!

  • Dawson Canedo Marques