BuzzFeed News looks to take the attacks on DC Comics artist Ethan Van Sciver to the next level. Reporter Rachael Krishna informed Ethan Van Sciver he would be the subject of an upcoming piece on BuzzFeed News.

She elaborated the piece would be “about ‘comicsgate’, more specifically accusations that [Ethan has] used [his] influence and power in the industry to encourage far-right harassment campaigns online and that [he has] relationships with accounts involved in the targeted harassment of people in the comics industry.”

Krishna then goes on to say she’s “been told a number of anecdotes about [Ethan’s] behavior from other writers, illustrators, and people involved in comics.”

Those anecdotes include a number of debunked stories as well as instances that Ethan Van Sciver has already addressed. But since these attacks continue, Ethan spoke with us and addressed each of her supposed pieces of “evidence” against him. We will go through each of BuzzFeed’s allegations word for word and show Ethan’s response to each of the allegations. Each of the allegations are directly quoted from BuzzFeed News reporter Rachael Krishna.

BuzzFeed Allegation: By asking Darryl Ayo to appear on your show, then continuing to tweet about this, you opened him up for abuse from trolls and encouraged this.

Ethan’s Response: “Darryl Ayo is a stranger to me, and yet since last May, he has been sending tweets out that I am a White Supremacist and a Nazi. I am NOT a White Supremacist or a Nazi. I find racism deplorable, I find bigotry disgusting, and I have never engaged in racial politics or “Naziism”. My children are Jewish!!!

I am a moderate Republican.

Darryl’s tweets circulated, influenced other twitter users, confused my fan base and made their way back to me. This caused me and my family intense stress, to the point where we were afraid to travel because of personal threats we were receiving, all of them using the word “Nazi.”

I ignored Darryl, as he continued tweeting lies about me through August.

Soon, after having established a successful and growing YouTube page called ComicArtistPro Secrets, in which I endeavored to present left wing creators to my audience in a cooperative, conversational light, I grew brave enough to invite Darryl Ayo, who I believed was an intellectual left winger who simply didn’t know me at all, to my show to interview him, and hopefully humanize myself to him.

There would have been an enormous audience. Had I abused him in any way, I would have been condemned, dead to rights, on video. I wouldn’t have…I have a history on my channel of conducting interviews with viewpoints as diverse as Mark Waid and Vox Day. I allow them to speak, I let the audience decide.

Darryl declined to be on the show. He said it was midnight, which it was, but he was up tweeting, which is how he saw my tweet.

He then began to tweet horrible things about me, wanting to attack him, etc. I responded, incredulously, and we had a short spat in which I realized I wasn’t going to accomplish anything. I blocked him, he continued cursing my name…and continues to. My fans see my name, and they try to defend me. He tells them all, no matter how polite, to go f*** themselves. But the more he name drops me, the more my fans defend me, and the more his fans attack ME.

I quietly left twitter under the harassment.”

If you remember Ethan Van Sciver has been threatened with physical violence on multiple occasions. He was first threatened before an upcoming fan signing at Gotham City Pizza in Florida and then most recently if he happened to show up at Emerald City Comic Con.

And Ayo definitely referenced or called Ethan Van Sciver a white supremacist and a Nazi on several occasions.


And here’s how Ayo described Ethan’s request to join him on his show:

Doesn’t look like harassment at all. He’s just letting him know the show was taking place right now. It looks like the invitation has been blown out of proportion.

But this isn’t the only allegation BuzzFeed levels against Ethan Van Sciver. There are ten in total. Ethan responds to each of them.

BuzzFeed Allegation: “A thread on IGN shares several stories about you being an ‘online bully’.”

Ethan’s Reponse: “I did a video explaining that the gentleman who wrote that blog used manipulative tactics to extract deeply personal information and our contact info from my amenable ex-wife. He then began stalking us.”

Ethan also told us:

“The dude was stalking my family. “Hey, can I come shoot at your range? I’m a gun guy.” :::wife gives cell phone to meet up::: “Hey, can Ethan sign some books for a sick child?” :::wife gives home address for books to be sent:::
Dude then begins texting my wife questions about me, sending mail to my house, etc.”

He added:

“My wife was not “his friend”. She referred to him, when he texted her many times, as “your fan.” Irritably.”

BuzzFeed Allegation: “Alfie Norris wrote a blog in 2015 in which he says you and friends bullied and harassed him and his family.”

Ethan’s Response: Alfie’s article was a sad and sordid affair of some actual true and ugly harassment. Much of which he probably deserves. From people who have interacted with him, who have dealt with his abuse. His harassment. His language, his vile, coarse treatment of other people. ANd Alfie has turned that around, and laid that at the feet of me. I was his friend. We had a falling out because I got sick of it. I got sick of it, and this fellow? The type of fellow who gets upset because I take another man out to see Bruce Springsteen, that isn’t him? This fellow wrote an enormous column defaming me, accusing me of things he has no evidence for, and that are currently being circulated by people who are calling me names. Calling me a harasser, calling me an abuser, calling me a bully. For their back-up, he posted a link to Jeff Hartz, who stalked and harassed my family, until we got brave enough to tell him to go away. And he uses that as proof, as evidence, that I am all the things he accuses me of being.”

Ethan also previously did a video regarding Alfie.

BuzzFeed Allegation: Naming your sketchbook “My Struggle”

Ethan’s Response: “My Struggle” was a play on the fictional evil fascist dictator SINESTRO, who is known as a Space Hitler. A villain. The sketchbook is also representative of my struggle in art. I also did one called MANIFESTO made to look like communist propaganda. Nobody mentions that. Radical political tracts were a recurring motif in my self published sketchbooks, and it shouldn’t be interpreted in a literal sense. They cancel each other out so that all that’s left is the art.”


This has been one of the main ways a number of individuals including CBR writer Kieran Shiach have attempted to attack Ethan and label him a “Nazi.” Unfortunately, they appear to ignore the actual evidence that Ethan also did the Manifesto sketchbook.

BuzzFeed Allegation: Your YouTube channel name – Fascist Frog

Ethan’s Response: ““FascistFrog” is the original name of my own creation CYBERFROG, which I created when I was 19. He was an ultra violent vigilante frog who took no mercy on villains. I understood “fascist” to mean cruel and unfair when I was a teenager. But I named my YouTube identity after my very first creation back when I launched my YouTube, in 2005. I’ve since tried to change it, but it doesn’t let you.”


BuzzFeed Allegation: Threatening @drunkcomicsfans, sending them a picture of Spiderman (sp) making a symbol now affiliated with white power beliefs.

Ethan’s Response: “That was a drawing of Spider-Man making the OK sign. I DREW IT IN 2010. TWO THOUSAND AND TEN A.D. and it meant “ok.?” THE OK SIGN ISN’T A WHITE SUPREMACIST SYMBOL, ACCORDING TO THE ADL. see link.…/no-the-ok-gesture-is-not-a-hate…

I told DrunkComicsFans that if they continued referring to me as a Nazi, I would “make them famous.” It’s a line from a movie. I meant, I’d talk about their organization and how they continually defamed me even as I asked them not to.”

BuzzFeed Allegation: At 2013 Chicago Comics Expo, a fan reports that they saw a statue of a monkey with Obama’s head on it in your booth.

Ethan’s Response: “Well, this a LIE. This is never happened. The person who said this is a liar. And I want you to ask yourself: Why are there no photographs of this? That convention was attended by tens of thousands of people, people from Chicago where Obama is from. Why did nobody mention it, ever, except for one guy, 4 years later?

This gentleman invented this lie to get attention when I was being mass attacked online last year.”

BuzzFeed Allegation: You recently illustrated Jordan Peterson’s book. Peterson is a controversial figure in the trans community.

Ethan’s Response: “I don’t believe Jordan Peterson has anything against transgendered people, and indeed, neither do I.”

BuzzFeed Allegation: Your closeness and promotion of the Diversity and Comics YouTube and Twitter pages – even after the account has been connected to the aggressive trolling of multiple people in the comic book industry, as well as pushing a far-right agenda

Ethan’s Response: “Diversity & Comics doesn’t push a far right agenda, it pushes a mainstream right wing agenda, and in my personal life, so do I. And both sides of the fence troll each other. Political views are so polarized these days, and the culture is becoming toxic on both sides.”

BuzzFeed Allegation: That you are positioning yourself as the victim of trolling campaigns to gain a far-right fanbase

Ethan’s Response: “I am in the middle of an enormous culture war that I have learned from recent experience I have zero control over. I am trying to protect myself and my family from further victimization and targeting by radicals. I am trying to bring peace through conversation. I demand that my family has privacy and safety, during what seems to me very much like coordinated assault on my livelihood.”

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  • James T

    Great job. I’m glad EVS was allowed to address these allegations.

  • FedEx Al

    Finally a comic journalist who actually does research, asks questions and doesn’t make up ****

  • jesus franco

    Well, I’ll definitely be coming back to this site. Good work. And no, I’m not right wing!

  • Kane

    The left just need a figure to attack, which is funny as Van Sciver is more ‘cuck right’ than far right

    but as long as they can have their scalp as an example to those who dare think differently

  • Kate Zhane

    Don’t worry, they will all be ignored when the actual buzzfeed article comes out, at least the ones that can’t be warped in to something that sounds like it fits their narrative will be.

    It’ll be a classic case of “so your saying women are all lobsters.”

  • Bella

    I don’t see a monkey!

  • Sarah Gennsro
  • Sad. Van Sciver could have stopped this entire shitstorm cold a year ago by pointing out his children are Jewish (with or without the three exclamation marks). He knows how this game of Racial Stratego operates – Jewish kids!!! trumps the outrage of blacks and shanty Irishmen shrieking “Nazi!!!” from the cheap seats – but on and on it lingered. Correction – lingers.

    I find this disturbing for two reasons. Presumably when he or Diversity & Comics trumpets that “my kids are Jewish” or “my kids are Muslim”, that specific wording indicates that “they are….but I’m not” which not only leaves room to interpret that “I’m an absentee dad content to leave the actual raising of my children, as well as all moral and religious instruction, to their mother(s)”, but…and this is the bit that rubs me the wrongest way….that there is a sick validity to the New Pyramid of Human Worth in which arguments are won not on soundness of reasoning but on who holds the highest percentage of Favored-Nation racial makeup. (Ever wonder why the only Asians who seem to exist/matter in the public sphere are the stridently-leftist ones? Refer to the Pyramid, please.) What Van Sciver is (probably unwittingly) acknowledging is that by saying “I have never engaged in racial politics or “Naziism”. My children are Christians!!!” he has own-goaled his position at the outset.

    Good Lord; imagine if your position were “I am not a especially-religious white man of European descent who has never engaged in racial politics or Naziism”; you’d need to be communicating that while rapidly packing your belongings before the mobs (rightfully) descend upon your home and family. The only hate crime even more unforgivable than denying your membership in an organization that ceased existing over 70 years ago would be to admit, in an even tone of voice, that you furthermore take time to detoxify the self-loathing drlled into your children daily (and I don’t just meanin the classroom) that not only are they guilty of no crime whatsoever, that – gasp – it’s perfectly okay to be white, and even – double-gasp! – as proud of that fact as any child of any racial or religious background on Earth.

    That these things are treacherous minefields surrounding us that can cost any of us our livelihoods or homes or families is the true, incredibly-depressing, legacy of the SJWs. Saul Alinsky, pull the flaming pitchfork out of your ass, and take a well-earned bow!

  • Santana

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  • Morgan Smith

    Seriously?! I read the Alfie Norris blog today and EVS says “This fellow wrote an enormous column defaming me, accusing me of things he has no evidence for” hahahahaha. So I guess you did not read the blog before talking to EVS. There was plenty of proof there lol. Why didn’t you ask him about all the commissions he welched on over the years? Here is a good starting point. A gem from 2014-2016:

  • Ben Roberts

    How can you have a rebuttal to an article that hasn’t been written yet?
    I think thou dost profess too much.

  • Kal

    I don’t understand, what am I looking at here? There’s no statue of a monkey with Obama’s head on this pic.

  • Kal

    Watch Van Sciver’s video rebuttal, he explains thoroughly what happened and Alfie Norris trying to manipulate the timeline of events to make it look like it was “proof” of an organized harassment campaign by EVS. Also, be warned because you may discover something disturbing about Norris(hint: you may not like it very much if you support the #MeToo movement).

  • icemachine79

    Oh, please. Anyone who uses the term “cuck” unironically doesn’t care about those who “dare to think differently”. They just have a slightly different criteria for growing and maintaining their scalp collections.

  • Kane

    Is there an ironic way to call someone a cuck then?

  • rawshiva

    Wow. The 2nd comment is from some dude whose thumbnail is of Ralph Fienes dressed in Nazi regalia from Schindler’s List. Hell, a cursory check of Kane’s comment history.reveals It is rife with antisemitism and racism. And we aren’t to believe EVS isn’t somehow appealing and signaling to these human colostomy bags? Great job debunking that claim.

  • docboggle

    Hitler was an evil villain who did horrible things in the name of what he considered “a good cause”. Sinestro is a villain is a character depicted as doing horrible things in the name of what he considered “a good cause”. The “My Struggle” cover is a successful attempt to depict Sinestro as a malevolent force of evil, not to celebrate nazi-ism. But the left knows this, and is just using it as an excuse to attack him for being a mainstream moderate-conservative.