Political intrigue, a formidable threat, advanced physics, a dose of philosophy, and a whole bunch of questions make for an interesting second installment. Is it good?

Matt Hawkins and Stjepan Sejic begin IXth Generation #2 with a recurring question from the first issue: Does the resurrection process truly bring the person back to life or is it a new person with a digitally downloaded consciousness and genetic replica? The question is not fully answered (and hopefully won’t be for some time), but it serves its purpose effectively as the hook. It is not an unrealistic notion given our technological advances and sparks your inner philosopher whether you debate the ethics of the resurrection or actually attempt to answer the straight-forward dilemma.

Hawkins’ dialogue does a good job of empowering Aphrodite IX, but also showing who she is as a person and how she interacts with her subjects and siblings. She treats them both as family and has respect for them. Aphrodite IX’s internal monologue is crucial;

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