There are strange and sinister things afloat in the small, sleepy town of Blackcross. Is it good?

Here at AiPT we have done a couple of team reviews of notable horror books, namely Nameless and Wytches. However, Nameless didn’t really have any horror to mention and the horror in Wytches came from some gruesome drawings by Jock. I never felt a sense of unease or an itch to constantly look over my shoulder. In Project Superpowers: Blackcross #1 I am absolutely terrified. I am going downstairs, triple checking to make sure the door is locked, covering my mirrors, and applying bars to my windows.

It is a deep-seeded fear of mine to be under the complete control of another where they are able to do what they will with your body, while you are only able watch unable to make a difference. Warren Ellis and Colton Worley take this premise and use it as their hook to open the book. They don’t let their foot off the horror engine the entire issue.

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