Comic Book Review: C.O.W.L. #9

Conspiracy abounds and one of the C.O.W.L. has had enough of sitting on the sidelines. Is it good?

The second arc has finally hit its stride and gotten back to what made the first arc so enticing: strong characterization and good ole political intrigue.

The first sequence dives straight into the political intrigue, and also reveals another potential player. It peels back the onion on the happenings in Chicago to tie it to a potentially much larger narrative taking place within the United States. It is a nice reminder that the happenings in Chicago are not self-contained and choices have ramifications.

After this return to political maneuvering, Higgins and Siegel decide to refocus on the John Pierce story, which just so happens to have its own political machinations that has been left untold. They reveal some pretty big implications, but are still keeping most of this close to the chest only giving us information in bits and pieces that are nowhere near close to a whole.

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