The storylines begin to converge as the 3,000-year old heist in-the-making begins to take shape. However, Pharaoh Herihor will not make it easy as the heist looks more and more like a job for Ethan Hunt. Is it good?

Fred Van Lente delivers another good story in Resurrectionists #6. He takes a different direction from the previous issue where he focused on the characterization of Adele, the Heart, and Maya, the Double. In this issue, Van Lente focuses on story progression and team cohesion. There is one character who stood out in this issue in terms of character development: Lennox or Pharaoh Herihor; he never came across as pure evil. He was primarily motivated through power accumulation; however, in this issue he becomes completely sadistic and his evil is on full display. Van Lente uses glimpses into ancient Egypt to portray the pure evil emanating from Pharaoh.

Not only does Van Lente use ancient Egypt to develop Herihor’s character, he also uses it to reinforce the present-day storyline in addition to providing context surrounding the Resurrectionists’ first attempt at ending the Pharaoh’s afterlife. The similarities between ancient Egypt and their current day situation also hint at the well-known saying “History repeats itself.” Are the Resurrectionists doomed to repeat the errors they committed 3,000 years ago or will they finally succeed? These are questions Van Lente leaves unanswered, but questions he poses nonetheless.

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