The aftermath of The Valiant mini-series has given Bloodshot a second chance at life. The nanites that “gave him enhanced strength, agility, and speed” have been removed. Bloodshot is no more; just a man by the name of Ray Garrison working at the Red River Motel stands in his place. Is it good?

Writer Jeff Lemire creates a fantastic jumping-on point for new readers looking to get involved in the Valiant universe and learn a little bit more about Bloodshot. He details who Bloodshot was before The Valiant, letting us in on what drove him and how Kay McHenry, the Geomancer, gives him a second chance.

After providing a brief history on Bloodshot, Lemire decides to introduce us to who the man behind the white skin and red eyes has become. It is not a pretty picture. Lemire, with the help of artist Mico Suayan, depicts a downtrodden and depressed human being who has lost his purpose. The depiction of his dramatic plummet into the depths of the human condition is a little hard to believe, especially after Lemire details certain emotions he had for Kay and how she gave him a second chance by making him a man once again. I feel Lemire is using the idea of the Fallen Hero to garner sympathy to begin a story about overcoming one’s weaknesses. However, I just don’t buy that Bloodshot would fall into the recesses of his own mind after being given a second chance.

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