The Fantastic Four reboot is nearly upon us. August 7th to be exact and 20th Century Fox gives us a taste of what to expect. The beginning of the trailer spends quite a bit of time introducing us to the characters of the Fantastic Four. The smart nerdy kid of Reed, the muscle of Ben Grimm, the daredevil of Johnny Storm, and the attractive, intelligent female of Sue Storm. They then unlock interdimensional travel and arrive at what appears to be a volcano wasteland. As expected things go awry, who knows why, and one of their companions presumably Dr. Doom is lost.

The next part of the trailer begins to introduce us to their new powers, because we didn’t know what they were before this trailer. It’s not like 20th Century Fox already gave us two Fantastic Four movies. After their power reveal, they attempt to introduce the villain, Dr. Doom. There are a couple of shots of him, but nothing very concrete. It is also unclear what Doom’s motivations are, but the Fantastic Four have to stop him.

The final scene tries to impress with a jaw-dropping action scene, but after seeing Furious 7 it falls a little flat. The Thing jumping out of an airplane just doesn’t top Tyrese Gibson having a panic attack when his parachute deploys to force him to exit an airplane.

What are your thoughts? Does this new reiteration get you pumped up or will you be catching this when it hits Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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