Titan Comics Debuts Rivers of London Comic Book Trailer

Rivers of London Body Work #1 Titan Comics Ben Aaronovitch

The latest trailer from Titan Comics showcases artwork by Lee Sullivan as London Metropolitan Police officer and wizard Peter Grant tracks down killer machines. You are probably thinking these machines are Transformers or Terminators. Nope! Its everyday motor vehicles that look eerily like BMWs. Grant will have to use his supernatural powers in order to discover why these cars are murdering innocent people and how to stop them.

Rivers of London is based off the best-selling novels by Ben Aaronovitch. The comic takes place within the Rivers of London Universe set between books 4 and 5. Aaronovitch will team up with Andrew Cartmel for writing duties while Lee Sullivan will be creating the art. Rivers of London: Body Work #1 will be available for purchase on July 15th!


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