5. Magneto is Frankenstein’s Monster

Our list starts off with a character defining moment for Magneto. This is the first time in X-Men: First Class where you are able to feel Magneto’s presence without the use of his powers. He instills fear in the pig farmer and tailor with just a few words. That fear leads to action where Magneto exerts complete control over the situation dominating the two men with his will and abilities. The first he slowly aims the gun and kills him while the second he blows him away after determining where his true target lies. In between the two he deals with a rogue bartender who attempts to sway the outcome. Magneto is undeterred putting a knife into his chest. One thing is for certain, Magneto’s path is set and will not be diverted. He will have his revenge.

4. Nightcrawler infiltrates the White House

The opening scene to X2: X-Men United is full of adrenaline and action. Nightcrawler takes on the entire Secret Service as he teleports down the halls of the White House smashing agents in the face with his feet or tossing them aside with his tail with ease. The gymnastics are also quite impressive as Nightcrawler performs back flips leading into spinning kicks. The scene also captures the fear of the President as Nightcrawler stands above him dagger in his hand. Not only does it capture the President’s emotions, but in a split second the audience realizes with the widening of Nightcrawler’s eyes something is not right with him. Topping the scene off is the dramatic music creating tempo and tension leading up to the conflict with the President.


3. Jean Grey kills Professor X

This scene is chock full of action with Storm fighting Callisto and Wolverine taking on Juggernaut all while Jean Grey as the Phoenix is locked in a battle of wills with Professor Charles Xavier. You are able to feel the intensity of the situation as Famke Janssen channels the anger of the Phoenix boiling inside her. It captures the enormity of her power as she not only tosses Magneto aside, but removes Professor X from his wheelchair levitating him in the air as his skin slowly peels away. It also captures the bond between Magneto and Xavier, despite their ideological differences they are still extremely tied and close together and you feel the emotion as Magneto shouts, “Charles”. Last but not least the way Famke Janssen raises her arms to take on the shape of the Phoenix is truly terrifying.


2. Quicksilver busts Magneto out of the Pentagon

This scene is just awesome from Jim Croce’s “Time in a Bottle” to Quicksilver dipping his finger in the sauce for a taste test. It is an excellent display of how Quicksilver’s power works showing how everything happens in slow motion for him. The detailed way in which Quicksilver takes down each of the guards is hilarious and he uses multiple methods. He gives one a wedgie, another he applies just enough from his one finger to throw them across the room while a third he tosses a plate right at their face and a fourth he meticulously manipulates their hand so they will end up punching themselves. He even takes one of the guards’ hats for good measure. This scene is just pure entertainment!


1. Magneto is separated from his parents in Nazi Germany

Finally, we come to the best scene. This scene was so good they used it in both X-Men and X-Men: First Class. It is the first scene from both movies and introduces us to a young Magneto as he and his parents are shuffled through a Nazi concentration like cattle. The scene captures the horror of a Nazi concentration depicting branded workers slaving away. The slow march builds to a climax with Magneto being separated from his parents. The emotions run high both for young Magneto and his mother. The power of her screams are haunting. This drives young Magneto to action, but he is too late the gate closes creating a clear divide between himself and his parents. This evokes Magneto’s emotions as his powers are awakened. A small child is able to outlast the strength of four fully-grown men. The scene evokes deep emotions both within the characters as well as the audience. It also reveals how truly powerful Magneto is when his rage is unleashed.

That’s our Top 5 X-Men Movie Scenes. Did your favorite scene not make the list? Tell us why you think it should in the comments below.

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