Superhero movies are taking the world by storm! The latest one is coming out of Finland. Rendel comes from the mind of Jesse Haaja who dreamed up the character 16 years ago in a math class. He will also be directing and producing the upcoming movie.

The movie will revolve around revenge. Rӓmӧ, Rendel’s alter-ego, resorts to working for a criminal organization. However, one of his jobs goes south and as punishment for his mistake he and his family are sentenced to death by the crime boss Mr. Erola and his son Rotikka. It is unclear whether Rӓmӧ dies, but he finds himself awakened by a mysterious woman, Marla, who sends him down a path of vengeance as he becomes Rendel. Will he be able to see justice?

In order for the movie to move forward they have started an IndieGoGo fund with a goal of $80,000. There are quite a number of awesome rewards including a limited edition Rendel figure, a handmade Rendel mask, and even the opportunity to appear in the film as a villain taking on Rendel!

Check out the teaser and let us know if you can see the justice through the blindfolds of revenge and hate.

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