Indestructible Stingray #1 was chosen as the winner of Darby Pop Publishing’s “amateur” comic book scribe contest. It tells the origin story of Stingray as she makes her debut appearance with The League of Defenders. Is it good?

In October of 2014, Darby Pop Publishing put together a contest asking “amateur” comic book scribes to build a deeper back-story around one of their secondary characters. This is the story that was chosen.

Writer Jeff Marsick begins the story introducing Stingray not only to the readers, but to the media and The League of Defenders. However, he doesn’t examine her character or begin to flesh her out. Instead, he addresses problems the League of Defenders is having. The Mighty and Princess Power, the League’s two leaders, have a heated argument over the reasoning behind Stingray’s acceptance into the League. It provides an interesting critique on popular culture particularly celebrity worship, but also details the financial woes of the League.

Marsick does a good job of familiarizing new readers with the League of Defenders: who they are, what their capabilities are, and how they go about protecting society. He does this by giving Stingray a tour of their facilities. Parts of the tour are a little cheesy, such as the gluten-free and vegan friendly dining facility where one of the members is taking soft-serve ice cream to the face from the dispenser. Others are a little more intense, such as the intelligence center where Marsick hints that Stingray may not be the type of hero The Mighty expects out of members of The League. This whole scenario is very slow and reads much like filler.

After quite a build-up, Marsick finally puts The League into action. We get a little glimpse of Stingray’s personality as Princess Power issues her orders. She is prideful, but also wants to prove herself to Princess Power. A bus falling off a bridge is the perfect opportunity to do so.

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