Xiness Games has released a trailer for their first console game, Ender of Fire. Ender of Fire is a side-scrolling action RPG developed with Unity3D. The trailer features a ton of game play and debuts three different hero classes: the knight, archer, and mage. Players will battle through six different stages against 40 different types of monsters. There are a couple of boss fights in the trailer from a giant ogre-like creature wielding a massive mace to twin lizards with Wolverine-like claws.

According to Xiness, the story takes place in a typical fantasy setting:

After the Forest War, a local war waged on between the Beast tribes and the Human-Elf alliance. The only way to truly end this accursed war is to defeat the Elders of the Beast tribes and the Ancient being known as The One.

Ender of Fire will feature local co-operative play allowing up to three players to team up in an effort to defeat The One.

Xiness hopes to release the game on the PlayStation 4 through the PlayStation Network sometime in June of 2015. They are also planning on developing a PC version after the game was Greenlit by the Steam community.

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