Fall television is upon us and Gotham jumped out of the gates first with their season premiere this Monday. We are counting down the five best scenes from the show. Let’s start it off with Number Five! Warning! Spoilers Below!

5. Zaardon Goes on a Rampage

Zaardon the Soulreaper

After drinking dragon’s blood from the Master’s chalice, Zaardon equipped in his cosplay outfit that comes fully-loaded with a pair of pistols as well as dual swords begins wreaking havoc on the streets of Gotham. He fires a number of rounds into the air announcing his ascendancy and title, The Soulreaper. His feeling of supremacy is so strong he refers to the citizens of Gotham as his slaves and even takes one hostage for a few brief seconds. The scene is ridiculously over the top which makes it downright hilarious!

4. Gordon Shares a Moment with Bullock

Gordon shares a moment with Bullock

After asking for a favor from Penguin, Jim’s conscience begins eating him alive so he turns to his best friend Harvey Bullock at the local bar. Bullock offers the opportunity for Gordon to be happy. A place where he doesn’t have to worry about the ills of Gotham. But Gordon is burdened with glorious purpose. Both men recognize this and share an emotional moment depicting the depth of their friendship.

3. Tigress Has Some Fun

Tigress Arrives

Tigress makes her debut on Gotham in stunning fashion. Not only does she break the villains out of Arkham, but towards the end of the show she unleashes her fury on Sionis, letting the rest of the villains know who is in charge. The scariest part about this scene is Tigress seems to still be on a leash and the possibilities of her savagery are endless one she is off of it.

2. Gordon Guns Down Penguin’s Rival


This scene gets to the heart of the troubles Gotham faces. Jim Gordon loses the game of internal politics at the GCPD and despite his own consciousness, he sacrifices his morality for the idea of the greater good. He doesn’t see any alternatives to rectify his situation and he finds himself taking up the cause of Penguin. He steals from Penguin’s rival, Odgen Barker, and then ends up killing him. The man who is attempting to clean up Gotham has found himself muddied and dirty.

1. Zsasz and Penguin confront Commissioner Loeb

Victor Szasz Gotham Episode 1

Penguin and Victor Zsasz pay a visit to Commissioner Loeb’s house in order to get Gordon reinstated as a detective. There are a number of awesome parts to this scene including Penguin asking for the Commissioner’s peanut butter and then after a commercial break spreading the peanut butter on a slice of bread. However, the best part of this scene is Zsasz’s facial expressions as he plays with Loeb’s dead house guard’s head. It’s so horrifyingly sick and outrageous and its hilarious.

Did you enjoy the Gotham Season 2 Premiere? What were your Favorite Five scenes?

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