Petition to Save Constantine Gains Momentum

Much can be said about saving our favorite shows. There are examples of success and failure throughout television history of fans rallying together to save their favorite TV shows. We can look at Futurama and American Dad as two recent examples of success. Both times these shows were saved after cancellation by the loyalty and persistence of their respective fandoms.

Today another group of fans are working social media to save Constantine. Constantine is a dark, supernatural series based on the Hellblazer comics. The show was broadcast on NBC for a single 13 episode season and was subsequently canceled. Even though the show was short lived it was quick to develop a pretty strong cult following over the course of its single season on the air. It was strong enough that the character John Constantine portrayed by actor Matt Ryan found his way onto episode four “Haunted” on The CW’s Arrow last week.

This renewed interest in the show, and provided the catalyst for a petition on to “Save Constantine.” The petition is aimed at multiple networks including The CW, El Rey, and others. The creator of the petition claims that the ratings for the Arrow/Constantine crossover, which was the highest this season for Arrow is proof that there is enough viewer interest to make the show profitable for whatever network picks it up.
As of the time I write this, the petition already has over 27,000 supporters and is less than 8,000 from its goal of 35,000 total supporters. This is only after five days on which isn’t a small number for that amount of time.

So now we wait and see, will Constantine be saved by the fans? Or will John be an outcast of television for the time being? Only time will tell if the combined will of the fandom is strong enough to force a network to take a gamble and pick it up. Personally I’m rooting for Constantine. If you wish to sign the petition click here, and show your support today.

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