As confirmed last week on Twitter, Rob Liefeld was returning to Marvel to work on an as yet unnamed project. That project has now been revealed as Deadpool: Bad Blood, the first original Deadpool graphic novel.

Deadpool: Bad Blood is scripted by Chad Bowers and Chris Sims. Liefeld is taking responsibility for the plot, pencils, and inks.

In an interview with Liefeld shared some information on how the story, which features Thumper as the main protagonist, will be told:

The story is shared through multiple flashbacks that depict different time frames that forged the animosity between Thumper and Deadpool. It’s a blast; there [are] plenty of laughs to accompany all the action and adventure. There are quite a few guest turns as well; Cable and Domino are featured quite a bit in the past and present.

Liefeld also hinted that aside from Domino there will be other appearances from the X-Force including Cable and Shatterstar. Chad Bowers, in the same interview, went on to tease, “I feel like we’ve been able to work in just about everybody you’d want to see from a big, 25th Anniversary book like this, and maybe a new take on an old favorite or two.”

Liefeld concluded the article revealing parts of the plot and gave a taste for the type of character Thumper is:

It reveals key backstory elements from Deadpool’s past and the lives he screwed up along the way. We set out to make Deadpool very uncomfortable here and challenge a character that has gotten out of quite a few dangerous situations and doesn’t really perceive anyone or anything as a real “threat.” But Thumper is something altogether different and has an agenda all his own.

And a score to settle.

One thing is for sure Thumper doesn’t appear he will be taking his father’s advice, “If you can’t say something nice… don’t say nothing at all.”

Deadpool: Bad Blood will be out sometime in 2016! Will you be picking up this one up?

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