Image Gives Away The Walking Dead Retailer Special

The Walking Dead #150 Black and White Retailer Appreciation Variant Cover
Cover by Charlie Adlard

Image Comics/Skybound will be giving away one free variant cover of The Walking Dead #150 to any retailer who orders exactly zero copies of the book. The catch is they will only get exactly one variant cover. No more.

The variant will be a black and white version of Charlie Adlard’s Cover A.

The Walking Dead #150 will find Rick Grimes…betrayed. The book will be filled to the brim with 30 pages of story for only $2.99.

The Walking Dead #150, Cover A by Adlard & Stewart (Diamond Code: NOV150561*), Cover B sketch variant (Diamond Code: NOV150562*), Cover C by Latour (Diamond Code: OCT158896*), Cover D by Moore (Diamond Code: OCT158897*), Cover E by Ottley (Diamond Code: OCT158898*), and the Retailer Appreciation Cover F by Adlard (Diamond Code: NOV158259) will hit comic book stores on Wednesday, January 13th. The final order cutoff deadline for comic book retailers is Monday, December 21st.

Will you be getting this variant cover from your local comic shop? What kind of prices do you expect this bad boy to go for?

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