After reporting on the DDoS attack on the Collar6 website, we decided to reach out to the webcomic’s creator Latex-Acolyte to get an update on the situation and learn more about his webcomic.

BiC: First off, can you tell me a bit about yourself and why you started your webcomic?

Latex-Acolyte: Well I’m just a random nobody who got really into manga and anime in the 90s like a lot of other people back then. I had already been drawing and making my own comics back then (before the net was big) and when I got a little older I tried doing some bondage hentai.

BiC: Can you give us some specifics about the anime you were interested in?

Latex-Acolyte: We had to go to Blockbuster to find stuff back then, so there was a lot of Devil Hunter Yohko, Fatal Fury, a few of the Slayers OVAs later on. Ninja Scroll, of course. Oh and Vampire Hunter D. Can’t forget the classics.

BiC: Never, they’re classics for a reason.

Latex-Acolyte: Definitely.

Collar6 webcomic

BiC: When did you start Collar6?

Latex-Acolyte: Before the site went up, I did a comic called Crimson Latex that was hosted (and still there I think) on Gagged Utopia’s BDSM stories site. Fellow kindly offered to let me set up shop there in hopes of reaching a wider audience. It didn’t make it because I realized I wasn’t ready for that kind of commitment or workload at that point in my life. I gave up, and later on just did a few random strips with the reinvented characters that I called Collar6. I put it up on Devart. Years later I met a wonderful lady who became my Mistress, and still remains my friend today who everyone on the site knows as the Madame. She told me to take my work more seriously, and set up the site. Motivated me to dedicate myself to it. And I’ve been doing it since. I guess that was sometime around 2009.

BiC: Did Madame have to push you hard, or was it a little tug to get you to take your work more seriously?

Latex-Acolyte: Nah, I did whatever she told me to do. I believed in her decision making.

BiC: Ah ok, well lets move into your comic now. How is it writing about a female lesbian marriage, and what is your inspiration for the main characters?

Latex-Acolyte: Heh, and this is where it becomes a minefield. Anything I can say is going to be taken the wrong way by someone reading this.

BiC: I understand that it could be a minefield, but I believe fans and supporters would like to know where your muse comes from.

Latex-Acolyte: The inspiration was really just the stereotypical ‘wealthy Domme’ loves ‘innocent young sub’ tropes. I didn’t have any grand ideas or concepts when I began writing either version of it, I was just looking to do some silly BDSM antics with those tropes.

BiC: Do you have content preplanned or does it just come and go?

Latex-Acolyte: Early on I didn’t honestly know what I was doing. I had a vague outline of where I wanted to take things, and the initial several hundred pages reflect that lack of direction. Since the first major storyline ended I’ve been more structured, have outlines, character reference notes and plans in place for everything. Sometimes I rearrange pieces, but there is a definite direction now.


BiC: What’s the current status of your website?

Latex-Acolyte: I’m still waiting to hear back from my webmaster. They’re exploring alternatives to our current set up. Once I hear back from them, I’ll be able to make a proper announcement as to where I’ll set back up.

BiC: So is your account still suspended by your host?

Latex-Acolyte: Yeah, I’m afraid so.

BiC: Do you have any idea who is behind the DDoS attacks?

Latex-Acolyte: No, we have no idea. Apparently DDoS attacks are really hard to trace back to anyone. It could be anyone. Could even be a random attack for all we know.

BiC: Is this situation making you question your art?

Latex-Acolyte: Not at all.

BiC: That’s great to hear. Do you have any alternatives lined up to continue publishing on schedule?

Latex-Acolyte: I’m hoping the downtime won’t last much longer, regardless of whether or not I can keep my current hosting. I don’t want to go forward with anything until I know something for sure, so I announced a temporary hiatus while this is going on.

BiC: Have you had previous problems with people taking offense to the content of your webcomic?

Latex-Acolyte: Several times. None of them tried to DDoS me at least!

Collar6 webcomic

BiC: What do you think is the overall future of Collar6?

Latex-Acolyte: It’s hard to say at this point. I’ll just keep doing it for as long as I still have the drive to do so. Losing the site this past week served to remind me that I really like doing it, and really like hearing people’s reactions to each strip. Kinda keeps me going.

BiC: What are the reactions from your readers about the DDoS attacks and your hosting being suspended?

Latex-Acolyte: Nothing but support and kindness. I’ve got the best fans any webcomic guy could ask for.

BiC: That’s great to hear. I’ve got two more questions.

Latex-Acolyte: Fire away.

BiC: What do you take from your own personal experience from BDSM, and how does that translate into your art?

Latex-Acolyte: I guess the most obvious is my obsession with rubber fetishism, thus why it plays such a big visual role throughout. The world is also very weird and fantastical, so I write it more from an abstract place than one of experience. Much like how One Piece is a pirate story that’s pretty far from the actual experience, C6 is a BDSM story that’s pretty far from what’s actually involved.

BiC: Finally, If we want to get the latest news regarding Collar6 what’s the best place to do so right now?

Latex-Acolyte: My Collar 6 Facebook group is where I interact the most. I also put out notices on and my official twitter @collar6.

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