‘Aloha, Hawaiian Dick’ Comes to Image in April

Aloha, Hawaiian Dick #1 Cover

B. Clay Moore and Jacob Wyatt return to their critically-acclaimed Hawaiian Dick noir with a new five-issue miniseries this April.

“Jake and I have been working on this book for some time, and I’m excited to see Hawaiian Dick return to the shelves looking better than ever,” said Moore. “With the announcement that NBC is working toward a television show, we hope interest is at an all-time high.”

B. Clay Moore and Jacob Wyatt will introduce us to Byrd back stateside as his impending arrival to Hawaii is destined to change the landscape of Hawaiian Dick forever.

Moore added: “The tone of Aloha is a little darker than previous series, as events take place that alter the entire perspective of our lead characters. I think new readers will feel comfortable, and long-time readers will be rewarded for their patience.”

Aloha, Hawaiian Dick #1 (Diamond Code FEB160483) hits comic book stores Wednesday April 20th. The final order cutoff for retailers in Monday, March 28th.

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