Who do you call when children are disappearing into thin air like magic? Or when your TV is turning the watcher into a mutant abomination? Or a demon is possessing your computer?
Cthulhu Williams and Co. That’s who.
An ex-cop/con with an immunity to monsters, a time traveling amazon from the future, and a stoner grey alien. They’ll find a fix for what ails you.

Written by Tim Stiles
Art by Mortimer Glum, William Hodge, Caio Oliverira, ThreeFallingLeaves
Cover by Jay Defoy and Mortimer Glum
Lettering by Shawn Greenleaf
Edited by Shawn French and Shawn Greenleaf
On Sale Date: February 17, 2016
Price: $2.99
Page Count: 36 Pages
Age Rating: 15+
Where to Purchase: ComiXology

Cthulhu Williams #0 Cover

Cover by Jay Defoy and Mortimer Glum

Cthulhu Williams #0 Preview Page

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Cthulhu Williams #0 Preview Page

Cthulhu Williams #0 Preview Page

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