Brewmaster and founder Nick Floyd of the 3 Floyds microbrewery is teaming up with Brian Azzarello, Simon Bisley, colorist Ryan Brown, and letterer Jared K. Fletcher for an all-new ongoing series, Alpha King, that will explore the twisted mythos behind the 3 Floyds brand.

“This book is what happens when beer and comics conceive on a barstool,” said Azzarello. “I’m a proud poppa.”

Alpha King takes place in the distant past in the metropolis known as Hammond, Indiana. Two home brewers Brewer and CiCi attract the attention of a monstrous king and his horrid minions from another dimension with their distinct home-brew. Battle commences as swords are unsheathed, lines are crossed and sieges are laid for the rise of the Alpha King.

The story will feature the insanity of 3 Floyds from their bottle washers to head brewers. There will be zombies, barbarian hordes, and even an arctic panzer wolf in this heavy metal mad mash-up through a futuristic medieval apocalypse.

“I love the smell of hops in the morning…” added Floyd. “It smells like victory.”

If you haven’t heard of 3 Floyds they brew some of the best and instantaneously memorable beers today. Azzarello and Bisley will bring their vision to the strange and wild characters created by 3 Floyds. They guarantee Alpha King is going to be a hardcore epic that is “not normal” from the first page to the blood-and-beer soaked conclusion.

Alpha King #1 (Diamond Code MAR160510) hits comic book shelves on Wednesday, May 4th with a final order cutoff deadline on Monday, April 11th.