Cartoonist Sina Grace will be debting a web series based on his 2015 Image Comics graphic novel Self-Obsessed on Tuesday, March 22, 2016.

The web series will be directed by longtime collaborator on the comic Burn the Orphanage, Daniel Freedman. The series will be a comedic look at the life of a gay LA-based cartoonist who struggles to find his creative mojo amidst a break-up, a book cancellation, and an overall crisis of faith in his own work. He will undertake a journey to rediscover his passions for drawing and life. He will strike out at a gay bear sex party, get sage advice from his best friend Amber, and even visit his old flame Jon in San Francisco all while trying to hold his life together. Will he remember why he started drawing in the first place or will he obsess over where he went wrong?

Grace stars in the series alongside Amber Benson, Adam Busch, and Jon Gabrus.

“Making the book Self-Obsessed taught me to follow every idea down every meta rabbit hole,” said Grace. “It seemed like the only logical next step to bare it all on screen, surrounded by my best friends.”

The web series will feature a soundtrack from a variety of musicians including Feels, Colleen Green, Nick Diamonds, Post Life, Hot as Sun, Exray’s, Caleb Nichols, Purr Snickety, Cold Showers, and more. Check out the trailer below: