Pat Shand’s four year run as the writer of Robyn Hood comes to a close this May. But it won’t be going out silently. Shand has crafted a special wedding issue to celebrate Robyn Locksley, Marian Quin, and all the friends and foes that have joined them on their journey.

This will be the second-ever wedding in Zenescope’s Grimm Universe and the first-ever same sex wedding. Aside from the wedding, the issue will be packed with dramatic reveals, zombies, and pastry mishaps. Shand hopes to make readers question What’s next for Robyn? When does she get to be happy? What if…?

Shand promises, “We’ll give possible answers to these questions, as wel as leaving some hanging. This stand-alone, double-sized issue is a four-years-in-the-making conclusion to one of Zenescope’s most popular ongoing series that you won’t want to miss!”

To put the icing on the cake, Larry Watts, the original artist of the Robyn Hood trilogy returns with series’ colorist Slamet Mujiono for this final tale that cuts to the core of what Robyn has gone through, what she is, and what’s next for her.

Robyn Hood 20016 Annual is slated for a May release. You can have your local comic shop order using the following Diamond Order codes: FEB161984, FEB161985, FEB161986, or FEB161987.