Writer Matt Kindt, artist Trevor Hairsine, inker Ryan Winn, and colorist David Baron first issue of Divinity II #1 has sold out at the distributor level and will return for a second printing on May 25th.

Divinity II, the four issue mini series, follows the story of Myshka, a female Soviet cosmonaut, who was part of a three person team sent farther into space than anyone has gone before or since. She was a handpicked orphan with no connections to Earth and trains as a devout Communist. She along with the rest of her team were restricted from having families. They were thought lost to the stars, but they encountered something unknown…Something that changed them.

Myshka’s teammate, Abram Adams, was the first to return to Earth, crash landing in the Australian Outback. The story of his return and his abilities to bend matter, space, and even time to his will are chronicled in Divinity.

In Divinity II, Myshka returns to Earth, but unlike Abram, she doesn’t have a secret family. She still believes in the Communist ideal, and she is intent on playing a very real role in the return of Soviet glory.

The second printing of Divinity II #1 will hit comic book shelves the same day as the second issue, May 25th.

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