4001 A.D. #1 just hit comic book shelves yesterday and you had your first chance at picking up the first cover for Ryan Sook’s gloriously epic interlocking cover.

The interlocking cover will extend across all of writer Matt Kindt and artist Clayton Crain’s four issues of Valiant’s summer crossover event, 4001 A.D. The interlocking cover features Rai and the future heroes of the Valiant Universe assembled in a breath-taking, widescreen vision of the 41st centruy’s star-crossed battle against Father and the forces of New Japan.

The cover for 4001 A.D. #1 depicts a badass bulked up X-O Manowar suit charging headlong towards you fire sword blazing in front ready to slice through anything that gets in it path.


The 4001 A.D. #2 is a lot busier, showing a focused Rai, albeit only half of him. However, this cover focuses on what appears to be a young citizen from New Japan. There also appear to be Shadowman vehicles from the current Bloodshot Reborn arc and the ever looming New Japan, now transformed by Father into a deadly robotic dragon.


The third cover gives us the second half of Rai, but also gives us a good look at Bloodshot in the 41st century. We also get an image of Lula Lee, Rai’s girlfriend, screaming in pain. There is also a young woman, potentially a geomancer in a serene pose as a golden bird flies into her hands.


Finally, the fourth cover gives us another look at Rai as he stands proud between an ancient and grizzled Eternal Warrior and above Lula. There is also another woman to his left, which may be the new female Rai.


The covers are definitely epic and look even more stunning next to each other. These covers are definitely something for the Valiant collector in all of us!



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