We’ve got a sneak peek of Skottie Young’s I Hate Fairyland #6 as Gert is crowned the new queen of Fairyland and how this new role might affect her thirty-year quest to return home.

“The first arc of I Hate Fairyland was a smaller story in an endless world,” said Young. “Moving forward, I’m going start exploring that endless world with many more stories, adventures and characters.”

“The best thing about making this book is there are no rules!” he added. “You can’t trust a book with no rules and that’s where it starts to get super fun.”

I Hate Fairyland #6 will feature two covers, both by Skottie Young. The second will be an explicit F*CK FAIRYLAND cover. The issue hits comic book shelves on Wednesday, June 15th. The final order cutoff deadlines is Monday, May 23rd.

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