Get your first look at Civil War II: Gods of War #1 as Hercules, the world’s very first super hero, storms the front lines and chooses his side while the world stands upon the brink of chaos.

War grips the Marvel Universe and Hercules will ask what role should a God play in the conflict of mortals? Is he responsible for a larger role in the potential destruction of the Marvel Universe? Or should he intervene and change history?

Hercules will be joined by Gilgamesh, Sigurd, Lorelei, Beowulf, and Theseus as they charge headlong into battle. With the Marvel Universe’s heart and soul at stake which side will they choose?

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Writer Dan Abnett fleshed out the decision making process Herc will go through in an interview with, “Herc is loyal. Picking a side for him is a simple thing. But when the sides aren’t good and evil, that troubles him. To him, a [Civil War II] kind of rift where heroes are in conflict with other heroes – he’s got friends on both sides, and friends or not, he recognizes them all as fellow heroes – is just plain wrong.”

Abnett will be joined by artist Emilio Laiso in bringing Civil War II: Gods of War #1 to life on June 8th. The issue will feature the main cover (APR160880) and a variant cover by Jay Anacleto (APR160883) as well as covers by John Tyler Christopher (APR160882), and Phil Noto (APR160881). The final order cutoff is May 16th.

Cover by Jay Anacleto

Cover by Jay Anacleto

Variant Cover by Jay Anacleto

Variant Cover by Jay Anacleto

Thor Character Variant by Phil Noto

Thor Character Variant by Phil Noto




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