Marvel Tsum Tsum, a new four issue limited series, from writer Jacob Chabot and artist David Baldeon will hit comic book shelves in August.

The series will be an in-continuity tale featuring the stackable sensations as they come face-to-face with their super hero counterparts, and the Marvel Universe at large.

Don’t know what a Tsum Tsum is? Don’t worry I had no clue either. They are tiny, cute, and cuddly stuffed toys that are sweeping the globe akin to Beanie Babies back in the late 90s. Disney launched the Tsum Tsum line back in 2013 and they have become one of the most successful plush lines in Disney Store history.

That success pushed Disney to expand the line with category expansion into softlines, accessories, home d├ęcor and more. The Tsum Tsums feature classic and new Disney, Marvel and now Star Wars characters. The plush toys have a whimisical design that reinterprets the characters with a unique Japanese aesthetic.

Marvel has also launched a Marvel Tsum Tsum game in Japan that has been the #1 downloaded free game in Japan for nearly two months.

The Marvel Tsum Tsum comic sounds absolutely hilarious. The Marvel Tsum Tsums find their way into the Marvel Universe when a crate of the pint-zed piles of fur accidentally falls to Earth en route to The Collector. The Tsum Tsums will fall into the hands of a group of Brooklyn teenages, but there is a catch. The Marvel Tsum Tsums believe they’re the real Marvel Heroes.

Marvel Tsum Tsum #1 will hit comic book shelves in August. It will feature all of your favorite Marvel heroes and villains. Chris Samnee will provide the cover art.