Today CBS released a teaser trailer of their new Star Trek TV series that has yet to be named. With it comes the new logo, and some basic elements of the TV show fans can expect. Those new elements include new villains, and characters. The teaser also sets the tone on what we can expect from the new show. And, from the looks of this teaser there might be some truth to the rumors that series might be in fact an anthology series in the style of American Horror Story. This is where each season sees a whole new story arc with a new cast of characters.

The first episode of the series will premiere on the CBS television network. The rest of the series will be streamed exclusively on CBS All Access.The new series will have Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman as the Executive Producers along with Nicholas Meyer as a writer and consulting producer. Gene Rondenberry’s son Eugene “Rod” Rodenberry will serve as an Executive Producer as well.

It’s nice to see Gene’s son take the helm on behalf of his late father, and I hope that he can help to guide the series in a positive direction.

Production of the new Star Trek series is expected to begin this Fall in Toronto, Watch the teaser trailer:

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