A new, long lost, family member enters into the picture raising new questions and causing tempers to flare as the Rhodes family attempts to overcome the damage already done.

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After a two month break in the action, Birthright returns to kick off the fourth story arc with some exciting new developments. Joshua Williamson, the mastermind behind the writing of the Birthright series, remains at the helm and continues to introduce readers to a breathtaking world full of monsters and the heroes fighting to keep them at bay. While our lead character Mikey remains unconscious from the events in the previous issue, Williamson manages to build significant momentum for his fourth story arc.

With the startling revelation that Sameal is Mikey and Brennan’s grandfather, the story immediately gains additional depth. Witnessing the effects of this new discovery play out over the course of [easyazon_link identifier=”B01DJOANJQ” locale=”US” tag=”bounintocomi-20″]Birthright #16[/easyazon_link] certainly made for some interesting reading. We also are introduced to the last of the five mages who escaped Terrenos, Enoch, an intriguing character whose motives are still unclear. With all these new layers added to the plot, the next few issues are bound to be compelling as readers gain deeper insight into who’s on which side.

Birthright #16

Learning Sameal is Mikey’s grandfather opens the door to new potential explanations as to why and how the Rhodes family ended up in the middle of The God King Lore’s quest to overtake our realm. This discovery also sets up another intriguing reveal about Mikey’s brother Brennan. One that not only directly results in the high-action conclusion , but also one that promises to keep readers on the edge of their seats this entire arc.

Andrei Bressan’s and Adriano Lucas’ coloring is something I look forward to most with each issue of Birthright. Together, they make use of a seemingly unlimited color palette to vibrantly bring this fantasy world to life! We see Brennan’s glowing, electric blue diviner on full display in a stunning fight scene with Lore’s essence that has been inside Mikey’s head. This top-notch coloring isn’t exclusive to this single event. Andrei and Adriano dial it back for a less fantastical feel as we travel through Sameal’s underground bunker, where they color what readers can only assume is a fountain of flowing, molten gold in a realistic way only they could portray.

While there’s no doubt Bressan’s art is enhanced by the coloring, his artwork struggles at times to stand on its own. At times the attention to detail is remarkable, but there’s a lack of consistency as certain panels look less defined. The most frustrating thing about this isn’t that the less defined artwork ruins the book, it’s that readers can clearly see in this issue that he is capable of far greater. However, when Andrei Bressan turns it on, he creates incredibly visually appealing characters that make the world of Birthright truly jump off the pages. The level of detail in the blood stains on Aaron’s shirt, the books on Mastema’s bookshelf, and the haunting depiction of Lore’s essence help Bressan’s art shine in certain panels.

Birthright #16

The Verdict

After an extended wait for the first issue to Birthright’s fourth arc, Joshua Williamson sets the stage for an action-packed thrill ride sure to give the reader further insight into just who the Rhodes family is. The artwork is inconsistent at times, but the coloring is always top notch. Mikey and his ever-growing team of family members are sure to be in for a turbulent ride that promises lots of excitement, and [easyazon_link identifier=”B01DJOANJQ” locale=”US” tag=”bounintocomi-20″]Birthright #16[/easyazon_link] kicks off those events wonderfully.

Comic Book Review: Birthright #16
  • Joshua Williamson continues to weave a unique fantasy tale full of twists and turns
  • The coloring by both Andrei Bressan and Adriano Lucas is beautifully vivid
  • Andrei Bressan’s artwork is inconsistent at times
8.5Overall Score
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