Writer Jean-François Di Giorgio and artist Frédéric Genêt will begin a new Samurai series this September with Samurai: Brother in Arms #1.

The new mini-series set in Feudal Japan will be filled to the brim with warfare and adventure that Titan Comics is likening to Kill Bill and Shogun Assassin.

The story continues after the most recent Samurai series concludes as Takeo leaves the Isle of No Name with his brother Akio having bested the legendary Shobei. The excitement of their voyage awakens Akio from his mute state and Takeo is finally ready to discover the answers to the question that have driven him so far.

Samurai: Brother in Arms #1 will feature covers from Frédéric Genêt, David Mack, John McCrea, Jung Shan, and Steve Kurth. Take a look:

Samurai: Brother in Arms #1

Cover A by Frédéric Genêt

Samurai: Brother in Arms #1

Cover B by David Mack

Samurai: Brother in Arms #1

Cover C by John McCrea

Samurai: Brother in Arms #1

Cover D by Jung Shan

Samurai: Brother in Arms #1

Cover E by Steve Kurth

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