Eric M. Cooper author of the Knight Seeker novels has begun a new Kickstarter Campaign for his new project, Star Enforcers. The KickStarter Campaign was started a few days ago to pay for the artists and the editors of this book. Star Enforcers will be the introduction of the first originally created Latino Starship Captain. According to Cooper, Star Wars, nor Star Trek has taken this step forward and there is a general lack of Latino characters in the realm of Science Fiction. I myself as a Latino fan of Sci Fi look forward to seeing how this project unfolds.

Cooper states he created this character to initiate a discussion and bring some changes on the playing field of Sci-Fi, and to show more diversity in the industry. Him and his co-writer Miles Simon were inspired by two great icons in the comic book industry, the late artist Jack Kirby, and writer Dwayne McDuffie. These two masters of their craft made it an effort to display characters of diverse ethnics.

The Star Enforcer novels take place in the nearby Andromeda Galaxy. What makes this story unique is the diverse starship crew members which consists of 50 convicts who are sentenced to serve five years aboard the U.S.S. Enforcer as undercover officers. The crew is under the direction of the powerful and prestigious Flow Council where some planetary ambassadors have their own ulterior agendas.

To check out this project click here, and share this link with others in your circle. It’s not often that people take risks in creating new and dynamic characters, I wish them well, and wish them success.