Sony Pictures has acquired the unreleased graphic novel “Son of Shaolin” written by Jay Logino who is also writing the script for the film version. The feature film based on the forthcoming graphic novel will have Dwayne Johnson and his own production company Seven Bucks Productions on board spear heading it’s production. Though there is hope that Johnson himself will have a role in the film adaptation.

Not much is known about the plot but, sources describe the story as a modern tale about Kung Fu. At this point in time, Johnson is busy working on a number of projects such as  Fast and Furious 8, a Jumanji reboot and New Line’s Rampage which all are currently in their own stages of production. So the scale of his role in the movie might be affected by his busy schedule.

Seven Bucks Productions is also increasing it’s work order with a stream of projects such as Baywatch, starring Johnson and Zac Efron, looking to come out next summer, as well as the Jumanji reboot. Also in the works are Doc Savage and a sequel to San Andreas. With all this going on, Son of Shaolin still has a ways to go before it’s released.

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