Thanks to the internet we now live in a world where ideas are not only more powerful, but can reach more people and almost instantaneously. If you have an opinion on something, no matter how obscure, you’re bound to find others like yourself with no real problem. With this in mind we must ask ourselves this question, what happens when an idea goes out of control? What happens when the people who are around you, follow an idea that wants to end your life? When dealing with an evil that doesn’t want to take from you, or just use you, how do you combat an evil idea that only has one purpose. How do you fight against an idea that wants to watch the Earth turn to ash? These are some of the hard questions that [easyazon_link identifier=”B01HFDZROI” locale=”US” tag=”bounintocomi-20″]Indoctrination #1[/easyazon_link] asks.

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Writer Michael Moreci builds a complex story with characters all over the United States. Each of these characters has their own arc and part to play. Each character also has their own interpretation and perception of the events that unfold. And they are all looking to play a role in the story.

Moreci asks some pretty important questions about the power of ideas, people, and character. With ideas he examines a very deadly one that can lead to the murder of millions of people. Moving on to people he examines how the will of a person can be powerful enough to get past any adversity to accomplish their goals whether good or bad. Finally, Moreci examines the power of character and questions whether the mental fortitude of a person can be strong enough to do what’s right, no matter the cost? Or, will there be a breaking point as they speed towards their goal? Now imagine all of these combining together to commit unspeakable evil, and that is the question Indoctrination #1 wants you to ask.

Moreci not only presents this supremely well, but with this story he leaves you with more questions that you want to ask. How far can someone go? And how far will others go to stop them. And in a time where people are afraid to ask hard questions, he helps you to do so.


Artist Matthew Battaglia crafts a world that is realistic for the reader, but at the same time seems trapped in a haze. The details of the characters are very well done, but are left in a state where you can almost see the uncertainly in the art itself. What’s really intriguing by the haziness is that it reflects the murkiness of the evil idea lurking within the story. His art gives the idea an almost physical presence. When we look into the world and ask ourselves how can people do what they do, how they can commit the evil that they commit, we just look at the ideas and we can see that same haze being expressed both in words and action. As you read through each panel, that haze follows you, as if it’s guiding you through the story itself.

Battaglia’s art gives Moreci’s commentary another layer for which the reader to experience the story. From there, the panels are easy to follow, and are pleasing to the eyes. At the same time, Battaglia’s art allows each of the characters to fully express their full range of emotion.


The Verdict

[easyazon_link identifier=”B01HFDZROI” locale=”US” tag=”bounintocomi-20″]Indoctrination #1[/easyazon_link] isn’t a normal comic by any means. When we read comics, we are normally thrown into a world that is either based on some sort of mythos that only glances at real issues. Or, we are placed in a world that is completely unrelated to reality. Here with Indoctrination we’re home. We live in this world every single day, and not many comics are willing to really tackle the fact that our world is more terrifying than any monster cooked up in someone’s head. It’s extremely well grounded. This fact makes the book very enjoyable. And by the time you complete this first issue you’re left asking more questions than you came in with. The story makes you think, and these days thinking is something many people are unwilling to do.

Comic Book Review: Indoctrination #1
  • Moreci creates a story that is realistic, powerful, and terrifying all at the same time
  • Battaglia's art gives you a detailed world that is in a haze of ideas
  • Each character is important and has a specific purpose
10Overall Score
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