“You can’t put a price on the element of surprise.”

Dark Horse looks to get into the comedy, science fiction market with ​Bounty #1. ​Written by Kurtis Wiebe the story stars two Bounty Hunting women by the names of ​Nina​ and ​Georgie​. As always, Kurtis is a pro at world­building and fantastic dialogue. Every bubble pops with character and humor making the pages fly by with ease. The art by Mindy Lee and colors by Leonardo Olea make for a great homage to both fantasy RPG’s and Saturday morning cartoons. With action and quips to boot, it looks like we’re off to a solid start.

The issue begins with a turn on the premise, as our damsels are actually ​in ​distress. The scene doesn’t quite make for a memorable sequence but it does well to introduce the characters and the dynamic between them. It’s clear the series will rely greatly on the relationship and dialogue between Georgie and Nina. This is exactly where Wiebe’s writing shines. Our bounty hunters leap off the page with relatable exchanges and a natural ­sounding use of slang. This makes for a great way to world ­build while not just throwing exposition on the page.

Wiebe has always been about character, making each voice distinct and recognizable. Nina and Georgie continue this trend and seem to be in this for the long hall. One does wonder why there isn’t more of a “serious” counterpart in the relationship, as both girls are quick to jokes and quips about their seemingly destitute financial state. However, such minors details can’t keep each page from flowing into the next making for a great debut.

Bounty #1

Lee and Oler are a natural fit, with the colors bleeding more life into already vibrant panels. The cartoony style does well with the comedic premise, but leaves a little to be desired when it comes to action. The brawls are well ­placed and intense but don’t quite live up to the gorgeous settings and character design.

Bounty looks toward the long run as it sets up more of a “villain of the week” scenario. Some details and plot devices will clearly be explained and expanded but it’s refreshing to read a comic that doesn’t seem interested in immediately destroying the world it introduces.

Bounty #1

The Verdict

While not the most unique comic around, Bounty #1 is a refreshing and lighthearted entry into Dark Horse’s normally dark repertoire. With titles like ​Rat Queens ​and ​Peter Panzerfaust ​under his belt it’s no surprise Kurtis Wiebe can produce this caliber of material and make it seem easy. While most comics in today’s market are looking to brood and contemplate, it’s great to see one simply interested in fun, comedy and a pinch of excitement. The creative team work well to put together a wonderfully paced romp. It leaves us looking to the next page hoping for a glimpse at issue #2.

Comic Book Review: Bounty #1
  • Fun and Lighthearted
  • Well­ paced and illustrated
  • Clear dynamics and characters
  • Some forgettable action
  • Maybe ​too ​much comedy
9Overall Score
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