Cyclops is missing and presumed dead. The X-Men and Inhumans are on a collision course. But why? You’ll get to find out in Death of X, a brand-new 4-issue mini series hitting shelves this fall.

Writers Jeff Lemire and Charles Soule will team with artist Aaron Kuder to weave a story that will change the course of Mutankind and Inhumanity forever!

Terrigen Mists continue to roll across the Earth birthing new Inhumans across the Marvel Universe. While those mists are giving birth to new Inhumans, they are doom to the X-Men leaving them dead or sickly after being exposed.

The Inhumans move to Japan after the birth of a shocking new Inhuman while the X-Men travel to Muir Island to witness something truly terrible caused by the Terrigen mists. For the sake of his people, Cyclops must take action or face extinction.

“Right now things are not good for mutantkind,” says Jeff Lemire, speaking with Entertainment Weekly. “On the flipside, Inhumans have been growing and becoming more prominent in the Marvel Universe. There is a lot of tension between these characters about that…’

“For both sides of this, it doesn’t affect just a small group of them,” continues Charles Soule. “It’s not just their livelihood and way of life but their very lives at stake, so they’re going to react the way you think they would.”

Find out all the answers as the Inhumans and X-Men’s untold past comes to light in Death of X.

Death of X #1 will feature a cover by Aaron Kuder and hit comic book shelves in October.