Valiant and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF) have teamed up for a Faith #1 SDCC Liberty Variant.

This variant will be a limited edition release of the first issue of Faith “Zephyr” Herbert’s ongoing series. The cover comes coutesy of artist Ronald Wimberly. It will debut on Wednesday, July 20th at Comic-Con International in San Diego, California. The release will be limited to 1,000 copies. You will only be able to get your copy at the CBLDF booth, #1918, inside the San Diego Convention Center. All proceeds benefit the CBLDF and its work on education and the First Amendment in order to protect the freedom to read.

Once you pick up your copy, you will be able to get it signed by series writer Jody Houser who will be at the CBLDF booth for two signings. The first takes place on Thursday, July 21st at 12:30 pm PT. The second just a couple of days later on Saturday, July 23rd at 1 pm PT.

Faith #1 is written by Jody Houser with artwork from Pere Perez and Marguerite Sauvage along with a special guest appearance by Eisner Award winner Colleen Doran. It is an extra-length 48 page issue that continues Faith’s adventures from her highly popular mini-series.

Faith finds herself in Los Angeles where the city is under siege by robots, aliens, monsters, and even worse, celebrities. She is an aspiring reporter by day and a crime-fighter by night. She tackles every obstacle with confidence including deadlines at work, a long-distance boyfriend, and collecting missing back issues in her extensive comics collection. However, Faith is about to collide with an up-and-coming super-villain who is bent on destroying her once and for all. But who is her new foe and can they actually render her powerless?