Future Quest #1 essentially opened with what could be perceived as the origin of Space Ghost. Space Ghost, appeared to be the only survivor of a battle with some sort of space monster.

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His battle with this monster somehow has connections to a number of strange anomalies occurring on Earth. Which for most of that issue was centered on Jonny Quest and company. Ending the issue, Jonny and Hadji encounter Space Ghost, who looks as if he is ready to do violence against them.

[easyazon_link identifier=”B01GKKGMIM” locale=”US” tag=”bounintocomi-20″]Future Quest #2[/easyazon_link] doesn’t directly pick up where the first issue left off. Instead it begins again, and largely focuses, on another epic space battle. This time involving the Herculoids, The Galaxy Trio, and Space Ghost.

It is a satisfying battle since it is the first real crossover fight in the series. The battle also gives the sense that the creature they are battling is a being with power beyond comprehension. It seems to be able to create the vortexes being studied by Dr. Quest and Dr. Zin in the first issue.

Future Quest #2

This was a very satisfying second issue. It is full of action and most, but not all, of the Hanna-Barbera action characters advertised in the series’ promotional art make an appearance. Still absent is Frankenstein Jr. and Mightor, but I am guessing we will see them very soon.

Writing wise this was solid, although it wasn’t nearly as satisfying as the first issue. The script feels like one giant splash page and less about advancing the story. However, there there are a number of plot set ups by writer Jeff Parker that allow the artists to run wild with their imagination. This really isn’t a detriment since it is building up suspense. But I do hope in future issues Parker will further flesh out the characters and their stories.

One thing that made this comic a delight to read is Race Bannon, the bodyguard for the Quest family. Parker displays just why he is the baddest SOB on planet Earth. Bannon takes on a number of the FEAR agents only to come out the winner. While this is an absolutely ridiculous situation, Parker expertly addresses it with a nice bit of humor in the dialogue.

Future Quest #2

The comic also continues to use multiple artists.. Artist Doc Shaner is the glue holding it together. However, the lack of artistic consistency from the multiple artists is annoying.
All the artists are talented, and their pages are wonderful to look at, but transitioning back and forth between artists is jarring and doesn’t serve any narrative purpose.

The art is both the strongest, and the weakest part of Future Quest #2 Strong in the sense that the numerous splash pages of the heroes fighting monsters is a delight to look at. A weakness, because of the lack of consistency.

Future Quest #2

The Verdict

[easyazon_link identifier=”B01GKKGMIM” locale=”US” tag=”bounintocomi-20″]Future Quest #2[/easyazon_link] is a great, but not perfect issue. Overall, it was a satisfying read that focused more on the art. The writing was mainly used to set the cool action scenes up. However, while the art is good it is also the worst part of the comic. Art duties are split among a number of different artists which can make for a jarring reading experience. Although Evan “Doc” Shaner does attempt to provide some consistency.

Comic Book Review: Future Quest #2
  • Space Battle with Space Ghost, Galaxy Trio, and the Herculoids
  • Race Bannon kicks bad guy butt
  • Action-packed
  • Multiple artists
8Overall Score
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