During a Warner Bros investors conference, CEO and Chairman Kevin Tsujihara alluded to looking into an in house streaming service for their large catalogue of products. According to Tsujihara, Warner Bros. has been exploring methods to distribute content from their brands right to consumers. One of those specific brands mentioned was DC Entertainment, which has a “rabid” fan base, according to the CEO.

For the last few years, companies have been looking at direct to consumer programming. With the flexibility offered by this type of product, content creators are free to offer fresh pieces of entertainment, while not having to stress about the costs and overhead related to cable programming. With that said, it wouldn’t be too far fetched for Warner Bros. to take that step and compete directly for the attention of consumers.

Tsujihara addressed the matter, saying, “We’ve been working on that quite feverishly over the last 12 months.” While DC hasn’t created their own streaming service, they have aggressively pushed their DC Super Hero Girls series on its own YouTube channel. They have also been putting out the animated Vixen series on The CW’s Seed that fits firmly within the DC Television Universe.

As digital technology advanced, and more and more homes have been cutting down on traditional cable services. Streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu have filled the void left behind as people look towards the web to deliver entertainment. One company that has taken advantage of this is Marvel with their partnership with Netflix. This has resulted in three wildly popular TV shows exclusive to the streaming service.

CBS might be the first company to really explore going forward with their own streaming service as they aim to make their brand new Star Trek Discovery series to be CBS streaming exclusive.

If Warner Bros. was able to offer a DC exclusive streaming service would you subscribe? And how much would you be willing to pay?