After teasing the series at San Diego Comic-Con this summer, UDON Entertainment has officially announced their brand new series, Street Fighter VS. Darkstalkers.

The new series will see Capcom’s legendary World Warriors and fan-favorite Night Warriors face off in an action-packed, fan-service-fueled comic adventure.

The series will launch with a prelude issue, Street Fighter VS. Darkstalkers #0 that will be written by Matt Moylan with art by Hanzo Steinbach. This prelude issue will hit shelves in February.

Following the prelude issue the series proper from Ken Siu-chong and art by Edwin Huang will kick off an epic 9-issue series. And beginning with issue #2 the series will feature 4-page backup stories from a variety of creators.

These time-tested warriors may have already met in arcades and on your game consoles, but nothing can prepare you for their impending comic book clash! When the likes of Ken, Chun-Li, Rashid, Sagat, and Akuma face off against Morrigan, Felicia, Jon Talbain, Bishamon, and Donovan, who will be left standing in the end? The answer to that question and more lie in wait within the pages of Street Fighter VS. Darkstalkers!

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