Marvel Unveils The Screaming Citadel – A Brand New Star Wars Crossover!

Just a few months away out of the epic “Vader Down” crossover, Marvel will be bringing us another one, “The Screaming Citadel.”

This brand new crossover will see the main title Star Wars cross paths with Star Wars: Doctor Aphra. It will be a five-part story from the minds of writers Jason Aaron and Kieron Gillen. You’ll have to wait a couple months before you can get your hands on it though as it won’t be hitting stores until May!

The Screaming Citadel will see Luke Skywalker teaming up with Doctor Aphra! You are probably wondering, why in the world would Luke Skywalker be teaming up with the treacherous and ruthless Doctor Aphra? Well she has an offer for him that he simply can’t refuse. In exchange for his assistance, Aphra will provide Luke with key information on his quest to become a Jedi.

“We’re so excited for The Screaming Citadel because it brings a whole new tone and feel to the Star Wars characters we know and love,” says series Editor Jordan D. White. “The titular citadel is our version of the dark and mysterious castle on the hill, and our cast of rebels and rogues are the adventurers who face a stormy night exploring the darkness. Kieron and Jason write these characters so vibrantly, it’s awesome to see them thrown into a new situation like this…get ready for a good one!”

The two will venture into the Screaming Citadel where they will face the Citadel Queen’s dark forces!

“In writing the issues so far reminds me of how much fun it was writing Star Wars: Vader Down and mixing up the casts together,” says Jason Aaron in an interview with “And it reminds me how much there still is left on the table. We did that crossover and the whole thing was these two casts fighting against each other, but we really only scratched the surface of what’s out there for stories. It’s been a blast getting back to that.”

Star Wars: The Screaming Citadel will launch as a stand alone over sized one-shot just like Vader Down in May. From there it heads to Star Wars and then on Doctor Aphra!

Marco Checchetto will be providing the artwork for the one-shot. The masterful Salvador Larroca will take up duties on Star Wars #31. And Andrea Broccardo will supply the art for Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #7.

Are you ready to venture into The Screaming Citadel?

Star Wars: The Screaming Citadel #1

Cover by Marco Checchetto

Star Wars #31

Cover by Marco Checchetto

Doctor Aphra #7

Cover by Marco Checchetto

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